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27 Dezember 2018 Change of Cargotec's auditor
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Making your every move count!

Technology & Competence Centre in Tampere, Finnland

Dienstverträge Kalmar Care

Projekte von Kalmar bezüglich Krandienstleistungen zur Maximierung der Hafenproduktivität

Gloria-Reachstacker von Kalmar - Maßstab für Produktivität

Markteinführung des Hybrid-Shuttle Carrier von Kalmar, Oktober 2013

Die Vision von Kalmar bezüglich Port 2060

Markteinführung des Gloria-Reachstacker von Kalmar, Juni 2013

SmartPort von Kalmar steigert die Effizienz am Freihafen von Malta

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News & Insights

Powering the port of the future: Rethinking energy management at container terminals

Are you looking to improve the predictability of energy usage, get fewer interruptions and improved productivity for your terminal? High-powered fast charging technology could be the answer.

Port automation: Lots of fascinating challenges to solve

Meet Otto Esko, Senior Software Engineer at Kalmar, who is working with spearhead technologies in a global team – and seeing his childhood dreams come true.

Exponential growth: entering the second half of the chessboard

Exponential growth ensures that the maritime business will change rapidly over the coming years. Are we involved, or just standing by as an onlooker?

A first-class upgrade for MSC Terminal Valencia

Skids, jacks, booms and a big helping of smart thinking from some of the best minds in the crane upgrades business – that’s been the recipe for success at MSC Terminal Valencia. When the terminal was planning an ambitious project to upgrade all eight of its ship-to-shore (STS) cranes ready for handling today’s new generation of super-sized vessels, there was only one partner who could deliver the goods.

How to design a terminal – the right way

Container terminal design is a complex process that requires extensive planning and careful risk management. Early decisions made during the design phase have huge implications later on, so a structured evaluation of various scenarios is essential for project success. For the best results, terminal design needs to leverage technology and data to the maximum, including the use of simulations, modelling and detailed business case analysis.


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