“With Kalmar options, we can achieve cost-effective flexibility in our product offerings. Planning every piece of equipment according to the site-specific requirements allows us to focus on performance and quality together with the customer,” says Jan Vink, Sales Support Manager at Kalmar.

Tailor-made with options for operator comfort and eco-efficiency

Many of the Kalmar options are designed to increase safety in cargo handling operations. Factors such as driver comfort and ease of operations will reduce the risk of accidents and other complications in the field.

“We want to help our customers avoid dangerous situations before they arise. Common preventive options to increase workplace safety include various lights for improved visibility, and cabin seat ergonomics and air conditioning add to driver comfort and concentration,” says Tomasz Fidura, Sales Support Manager at Kalmar.

"With Kalmar options, we can achieve cost-effective flexibility in our product offerings."

Kalmar options also increase productivity and sustainable operations. Choosing the right options can have a major impact on energy efficiency, fuel consumption and related costs.

“When considering the choices offered by Kalmar options, we encourage our customers to think about both environmental factors and performance. Added functionalities, such as engines that shut off automatically when idling, will have a noticeable impact on fuel savings and eco-efficiency. We also provide the stage five diesel engine for our terminal tractor, which will have a significant affect on emissions,” says Jakub Wojciechowski, Senior Sales and Service Manager at Kalmar Poland.

The options portfolio is available for new and existing users of Kalmar equipment. It is common to choose between the usual options when first ordering the equipment. But retrofitting existing vehicles is also possible.

“It is usual to retrofit smaller parts of equipment for vehicles already in operation. However, we want to remind our customers that it is more cost-efficient to choose the options they need when first ordering the vehicles,” says Wojciechowski.

T2i options and Kalmar Insight

Options for equipment often go hand in hand with Kalmar Insight, the digital performance management tool provided to users of the equipment. Many options link to the platform, allowing increased operational control and flexibility.

“Options and Kalmar Insight allow our customers to benefit from digitalisation in their operations. Data from cargo handling operations can be used for operational improvements and process optimisation,” says Martin Gribitz, Digital Technical Sales and Delivery Manager at Kalmar.

“Options and Kalmar Insight allow our customers to benefit from digitalisation in their operations."

Tractor operators can use Kalmar Insight to access information on their vehicles. It allows them to check the status of oil, fuel, tires and other factors with a mobile device. Other benefits of Kalmar Insight include process tracking and smart optimisation.

“We provide extensive monitoring systems for all Kalmar equipment. This way, driving times and distances are accessible on the Kalmar Insight platform. Kalmar Insight also allows our service teams to access information on tractors remotely,” says Gribitz.

The Kalmar options portfolio arose from customer demand

Cargo handlers are increasingly looking for customised solutions to improve the quality of operations. Changing environments come with different requirements for optimal work and results.

“We communicate continuously with our customers to find any potential for improving our services. We see our options as a low-threshold way to reach the highest quality in every aspect of cargo handling operations,” says Vink.

Kalmar is constantly developing the options portfolio to give our customers the very best service. To this aim, insight and suggestions from new and existing customers is a valuable asset.

“We are very happy also to develop completely new customisation solutions for our customers in addition to the current options. In fact, many of the options now available originated from a specific request from a customer,” says Wojciechowski.