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Green Chair LIVE 2.0: The potential of AI in implementing sustainable solutions

18 min

In this on-demand webinar, originally streamed as part of the Green Chair LIVE 2.0 event, Miika Murremäki, Head of Digital Solutions at Kalmar, demonstrates concrete examples of how AI is integrated into Kalmar’s sustainability offering.

This includes intelligent fleet management practices, battery anomaly and state-of-health detection, the Kalmar Remote Services concept, predictive maintenance use cases, and a Generative AI Portal that is about to be launched.

The webinar concludes with a Q&A discussion featuring Miika Murremäki and Mette Kjems Baerentzen, Director of Decarbonisation, Kalmar!

Watch the webinar by completing the form on this page. Explore additional on-demand sessions from the Green Chair LIVE 2.0 event to understand how Kalmar incorporates other innovative sustainability solutions into our business operations.


Get to know the speaker:

Miika Murremäki
Head of Digital Solutions


Miika leads Kalmar’s Digital Solutions organisation consisting of 70 experts. The digitalization function focuses on the development of connectivity, AI & analytics, simulation, technology platforms, and customer solutions in order to provide safer, more sustainable, and more productive solutions for Kalmar customers.



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