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Green Chair LIVE 2.0: Innovations creating sustainable value

23 min

In this on-demand webinar, originally streamed as part of the Green Chair LIVE 2.0 event, Marko Hopeaharju, Head of Horizontal Transportation Solutions, explores Kalmar's cutting-edge solutions that not only deliver economic value but also assist customers in significantly reducing their emissions.

The webinar concludes with a Q&A discussion featuring Marko Hopeaharju and Mette Kjems Baerentzen, Director of Decarbonisation.

Watch the webinar by completing the form on this page. Explore additional on-demand sessions from the Green Chair LIVE 2.0 event to uncover the innovative measures Kalmar has adopted to stay ahead of the curve in providing sustainable solutions and services.


Get to know the speaker:


Marko Hopeaharju
Head of Horizontal Transportation Solutions


Marko is leading the Horizontal Transportation Solutions organisation containing 40+ experts in R&D, Product Management, Sales Support, and Product Support functions dedicated to developing, delivering, and servicing the most productive, safe, and sustainable straddle carriers for container handling operations.



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