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Der Einsatz von HVO in den Häfen von Kopenhagen und Malmö

unterstützt die Erreichung ihrer Nachhaltigkeitsziele.

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Sustainability at Kalmar
HVO supporting Copenhagen Malmö Ports to achieve their sustainability targets.
Copenhagen Malmö Ports (CMP) is actively working to phase out all fossil fuels within its operations and increase the use of green renewable energy. Examples of the company's efforts include the implementation of HVO100 for all port machinery, only purchasing green electricity from renewable sources such as wind, sun, and water, and the utilisation of biogas instead of natural gas for heating CMP's properties in Malmö.
Sustainable Sourcing at Kalmar
Kalmar’s emphasis lies in implementing various strategies such as adopting alternative greener materials, enhancing material efficiency and circularity, and implementing standardisation to improve overall efficiency. Watch here to explore the detailed content of this chapter. Listen to Marjolein Koopman, Head of Sourcing Sustainability, at Kalmar, provides an overview of Eco design and its role in driving sustainability choices in sourcing.
Sustainability at Kalmar
Kalmar's target and ambition is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 compared to a 2019 baseline. Watch our Green Chair chapter, where our Head of Sustainability tells us how Kalmar is preparing to achieve this goal.
Electric Straddle Carrier Charge Family
Becoming net zero at DP World UK
Andrew Bowen, Chief Operating Officer UK, DP World, will speak about their commitment to decarbonise their operations around the globe and how Kalmar is supporting them. They are on the journey to become carbon neutral by 2040 and carbon zero by 2050.
Which electric straddle carrier charge option to choose?
Electrically powered solutions are usually available as a one size fits all solution, which you need to build your business around. Not any longer, as our offering provides a flexible solution that can be easily adapted to your requirements. In this Green Chair episode Jeroka Alanko, Senior Manager, Product Management Horizontal Transportation will walk you through the different charging solutions available for the Kalmar Electric Straddle Carrier.
Which electric straddle carrier battery option to choose?
Every business and terminal has unique needs, which is why we offer a variety of battery solutions to choose from in the Kalmar Charge Family. In this Green Chair episode, Sami Yli-Äyhö, Senior Manager Product Management Horizontal Transportation, Kalmar, will walk you through the two types of batteries and how to know which solution to choose.
Electric Straddle Carrier Charge Family
Electrically powered solutions are often presented as a one-size-fits-all approach that you have to adapt your business to. However, that is no longer the case with the Kalmar Electric Straddle Carrier Charge Family. It offers a flexible solution that can be customised to meet your specific business needs. In this Green Chair episode Marko Hopeaharju, Head of Horizontal Transportation Solutions, Kalmar will walk you through the Kalmar Electric Straddle Carrier Charge Family.
Kalmar Electric Reachstacker: step by step
Up to 90% less carbon emissions with HVO100 fuel.
HVO100 (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is an alternative fossil-free fuel that reduces carbon emissions by up to 90%. In the latest Green Chair chapter, Niclas Samuelsson, Sales & Product Strategy Engineer, Terminal Tractors, explains what HVO100 fuel is, why it is important and what benefits it brings.
Preparing for a sustainable future with Cabooter Group.
Cabooter Group is one of our first customers testing the Kalmar Electric Reachstacker as they are working on creating a more sustainable future. Hans Cabooter, CEO of Cabooter Group, explains the importance of going electric now.
Openness and transparency are key elements for success.
What is Bosch Rexroth’s role in Kalmar’s electrification project? Inge Van Opstal, Global Category Manager, Electrification, Kalmar, interviews Matthias Kielbassa, Vice President, Electrification of mobile machines of Bosch Rexroth, who explains how they are helping us with developing our electric reachstacker.
Battery solutions that last for a whole shift.
An essential part of electrically powered cargo handling equipment is the battery. Listen to Mette Kjems Bærentzen, Product Portfolio Manager, Counterbalanced Container Handlers, who gives an overview of Kalmar’s lithium-ion battery solution.
What will need to change?
What changes when you switch from a diesel to an electric reachstacker? Peter Olsson, Director, Business Development, Counterbalanced Container Handlers, answers this frequently asked question and explains the main changes in infrastructure, driving experience and environmental impact.
Are you ready to be electrified?
Kalmar is finalising its decades-long electrification odyssey this year. Hear more about the journey from Alf-Gunnar Karlgren, Vice President, Counterbalanced Container Handlers!
Welcome to the Green Chair!
To help your business survive and thrive on its eco-efficiency journey, we’re launching the Kalmar Green Chair initiative. Enjoy the first sneak peek!
Elektroantrieb für Gabelstapler - Videoserie
Electric Forklift vs Diesel Forklift.
It's race day – time to see how the electric forklift compares to its diesel-powered counterpart in real-life challenges.
Financial impact.
Does going electric make economic sense? This is where total cost of ownership comes to play. Learn more from David Pilten, Business Development Manager at Kalmar Forklift trucks.
Requirements of different segments.
We know that different industries have different requirements and guarantee our electric forklifts get the job done. That’s why we want to invite you for a test drive!
Environmental impact.
What does going electric mean in terms of emissions and sustainability? It means you win twice with drastically reduced emissions and running costs. Learn more from Martin Hall, Country Director at Kalmar Sweden.
Charging and batteries.
What’s the difference between Lead-acid and Li-ion batteries? Are they easy to charge? Join Alina Reinhold and Martin Håkansson and learn more.
Operating time.
Can electric forklift manage the same shifts as a diesel-powered machine? There is a simple answer to that question.
Sustainability with services
Cut carbon emissions by refurbing rather than replacing.
The clock is ticking even for your most reliable machines. It’s time to talk about the lifecycle of your machines and how to breathe new life into them without compromising on productivity or eco-efficiency. Fredrik Fogelklou, head of Kalmar's parts and lifecycle solutions, will explain how and why.
EcoFlex - A sustainable rental solution.
When it comes to sustainability, one of the important factors is to not use more than you need. Svante Alverönn, VP Service Solutions, will tell you more about how EcoFlex rental solutions can help you keep high productivity while using less and lowering your costs, with a fully transparent and flexible solution from Kalmar.
A New Era of Logistics
What it takes to be a leader in Sustainability.
Jerry Larsson, President of SCA Wood explains how important it is to become eco-efficient and what actions they are taking to achieve their goal of becoming a leader in sustainability.
A New Era of Robotics.
Kalmar’s Lasse Eriksson, Vice President, Technology, shares his insights about Kalmar Robotic Portfolio and Kalmar’s ambition to make robotics accessible to new customer segments, including distribution centers, heavy logistics, as well as ports and terminals.
A New Era of Logistics.
Michel van Roozendaal, President of Kalmar Mobile Solutions shares his views on a New Era of Logistics: Why did we decide to invest in sustainability and what benefits will it bring?
Sustainability insights